Common Terms in Podcast Advertising You Should Know


Ad formats: 

The various ways that ads can be presented within a podcast, such as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll.

Ad copy:

The written text or script of an advertisement.

Ad inventory:

The number of ad slots available for purchase in a given podcast.

CPM rate: 

The cost per thousand impressions of an ad, often used as a pricing model for podcast advertising.

Call to action: 

A prompt for listeners to take a specific action, such as visiting a website or purchasing a product.

Ad script: 

The written text of an ad, which can be used by hosts for host-read ads or by advertisers for pre-recorded ads.

Podcast Advertising Targeting

Ad placements: 

The specific times and locations within a podcast episode where ads are placed.

Dynamic insertion: 

The ability to insert ads into podcast episodes dynamically, allowing for targeting and customization based on listener demographics or location.

Baked-in ads: 

Ads that are permanently embedded into the podcast episode and cannot be removed or replaced.

Pre-recorded ad:

An ad that is pre-recorded and inserted into the podcast episode.

Programmatic ads: 

Ads that are bought and sold through an automated system, often using data to target specific audiences.

Types of Ad Formats in Podcast Advertising


An advertisement that appears at the beginning of a podcast episode, typically before the main content begins.


An advertisement that appears in the middle of a podcast episode, typically after the host has introduced the main topic.


An advertisement that appears at the end of a podcast episode, typically after the main content has ended and before any closing remarks.

Host read: 

An ad read by the podcast host in their own voice.

Audio ads: 

Ads that are only in audio format, often delivered through pre-recorded or host-read ads.

Video ads: 

Ads that are in video format, often delivered through dynamic insertion into video podcasts.

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