Top 5 Political & Comedy Podcasts


In the world of politics, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the noise and divisiveness of the mainstream narrative. However, by tuning into political podcasts that offer alternative perspectives, listeners can gain fresh insights, challenge their own beliefs, and engage in long-form discussions. Explore the benefits of embracing alternative perspectives, the role of wit and humor, and the value of long-form discussions in shaping political understanding.

Best Political & Comedy Podcasts To Advertise On

1. “Part of the Problem” with Dave Smith

Part of the Problem with Dave Smith

Hosted by comedian Dave Smith, “Part of the Problem” offers a libertarian perspective on politics, economics, and philosophy. With a sharp wit and incisive analysis, Smith fearlessly challenges the status quo and explores the failures of centralized systems. By tuning into “Part of the Problem,” listeners are exposed to alternative viewpoints that question the role of government and advocate for individual liberty, all while enjoying Smith’s intelligent humor.

Benefits of Advertising on “Part of the Problem”

Advertisers place podcast ads on Dave Smith’s “Part of the Problem” show because Dave connects with his audience through social media and on the road events. “Part of the Problem” listeners are politically inclined individuals who appreciate Dave’s provocative and unconventional commentary, providing advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach a demographic interested in current events and political discourse.

2. “Your Welcome” with Michael Malice

Your Welcome podcast with Michael Malice

Michael Malice hosts “Your Welcome,” a politically charged podcast that encourages listeners to question prevailing narratives and embrace alternative perspectives. Malice’s unique blend of wit, intellect, and unapologetic commentary sparks engaging conversations with a diverse range of guests. By delving into geopolitics, culture, and current events, “Your Welcome” challenges conventional wisdom, expands horizons, and keeps listeners captivated with Malice’s quick-witted humor.

Benefits of Advertising on “Your Welcome”

Advertisers choose “Your Welcome” with Michael Malice because it offers a platform for intelligent and insightful conversations with a wide range of guests, allowing advertisers to reach an audience that values critical thinking, alternative perspectives, and engaging discussions on various topics, thereby fostering a favorable environment for their brand promotion.

3. “Run Your Mouth” with RobbieTheFire

run your mouth

Run Your Mouth,” hosted by RobbieTheFire Bernstein, offers a unique blend of wit, humor, and unfiltered political commentary. With a refreshing and unapologetic approach, Robbie fearlessly dissects political issues, culture, and society. By tuning into “Run Your Mouth,” listeners can expect sharp insights and a healthy dose of humor that makes the sometimes daunting world of politics more accessible and engaging.

Benefits of Advertising on “Run Your Mouth”

Companies advertise on Run Your Mouth with RobbieTheFire Bernstein because the show includes humor, social commentary, and interviews with influential guests, attracting an engaged audience of open-minded individuals. Robbie’s connection to his audience provides advertisers with a valuable opportunity to reach a diverse demographic interested in current affairs and alternative viewpoints.

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4. “Dumpster Fire”

“Dumpster Fire” is a politically charged podcast that brilliantly combines satire, humor, and critical analysis. Hosted by a team of sharp-witted commentators, this podcast dives deep into current events, highlighting the absurdities and contradictions within the political landscape. By infusing humor into their discussions, “Dumpster Fire” effectively breaks down complex issues and encourages listeners to approach politics with a critical eye and a laugh.

5. “The Joe Rogan Experience”

joe rogz

While not exclusively a political podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience” often features in-depth discussions on politics and social issues. With a conversational style that encourages guests to share their expertise and opinions, Rogan provides a platform for alternative voices. By listening to “The Joe Rogan Experience,” listeners can explore diverse perspectives, engage with thought-provoking conversations, and enjoy Rogan’s skill in infusing humor and wit into these discussions.

Why Alternative Political Podcast Audiences Are Growing 

Stimulating Critical Thinking:

Political podcasts that incorporate wit, humor, and alternative perspectives encourage listeners to think critically and question their own beliefs. The blend of entertainment and intellectual stimulation can challenge preconceived notions, leading to a deeper understanding of complex political issues.

Broadening Horizons:

Embracing alternative perspectives in a long-form style helps broaden intellectual horizons. By exposing oneself to diverse viewpoints, listeners gain a more comprehensive understanding of political landscapes, bridging gaps between factions, and fostering empathy and understanding.

Engaging with Difficult Topics:

Wit and humor can serve as powerful tools for engaging with difficult or controversial political topics. By injecting levity into the discussion, podcasts create an inviting and approachable atmosphere, encouraging listeners to explore sensitive issues that may otherwise be intimidating.

Breaking Echo Chambers:

Political podcasts that feature alternative perspectives play a crucial role in breaking echo chambers and counteracting confirmation bias. They provide a platform for exploring ideas outside one’s comfort zone, challenging listeners to critically examine their own biases and consider alternative viewpoints.

Fostering Constructive Dialogue:

The long-form format of these podcasts allows for more in-depth discussions and nuanced exploration of political issues. By fostering a respectful and open dialogue, wit and humor can contribute to a more inclusive and constructive political discourse, encouraging listeners to engage in civil discussions with those holding differing viewpoints.

Why Advertise on Political & Comedy Podcasts

By advertising on both political and comedy podcasts, brands can harness the best of both worlds, combining the impact of insightful discussions and comedic relief to reach a wide range of listeners and make a lasting impression.

Political podcasts that combine wit, humor, and alternative perspectives offer a valuable platform for advertisers to reach politically savvy individuals who are actively seeking out information and perspectives. These listeners are often intellectually curious and open to new ideas, making them receptive to brand messaging that aligns with their values.

What to consider when advertising on political podcasts

Who is their audience?

Look for shows that have a significant and engaged audience, preferably with a demographic and political interest that aligns with your target market. Look for listeners who are politically engaged, as they are more likely to respond positively to your ads. 


Consider the podcast’s reputation for delivering credible and insightful political content as well. Once you’ve chosen a podcast, think about the best type of ad to use

Type of Ads

Since political podcasts often focus on in-depth discussions and analysis, native or host-read ads tend to perform well. These types of ads can seamlessly integrate into the podcast’s content and resonate with listeners. 

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