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Best Comedy Podcasts

Best Comedian Podcasts To Advertise On

1. Your Mom’s House

“Your Mom’s House” is a popular podcast hosted by married comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. Known for its humor, candid conversations, and unique segments, the show delves into a wide range of topics, from personal anecdotes to bizarre internet clips. With a loyal and engaged audience, advertising on “Your Mom’s House” offers access to a dedicated fan base that values the authenticity and comedic perspective of its hosts. The podcast’s popularity and influence make it an ideal platform for advertisers looking to connect with a diverse and enthusiastic listener demographic. Find on YouTube, Apple and Spotify.

2. Good for You with Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings combines humor with insight as she explores human behavior, psychology, and relationships. Her engaging podcast is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys deep dives into the complexities of human interaction, all while having a good laugh. Found on Apple or YouTube.

3. Bill Burr & Taylor Tomlinson

This dynamic duo, consisting of comedy veterans Bill Burr and rising star Taylor Tomlinson, offer hilarious perspectives on life, culture, and the comedy scene. Their chemistry and unique takes make for an entertaining listen. Find it on Spotify: Search “Bill Burr Taylor Tomlinson.”

4. Ms. Pat Podcast

Prepare to laugh out loud with Ms. Pat, as she brings her unfiltered and poignant comedic perspective to everyday life and current events. Her podcast is a masterclass in comedy that’s both hilarious and heartfelt. Find it on Spotify: Type “Ms. Pat Podcast” in the search bar.

5. Yannis Pappas

Yannis Pappas offers a mix of humor, culture, and personal stories, providing listeners with a unique and entertaining perspective on a variety of topics. His podcast is a great pick for those looking for humor with depth. Found on Spotify, Apple and YouTube.

6. Sara Millican

Sara Millican’s podcast is like sitting down with a witty friend who has the best stories. She tackles everyday life with her signature wit and warmth, making each episode feel like a cozy catch-up session. Find it on Spotify: Search “Sara Millican.”

7. The Long Shot

“The Long Shot” podcast combines storytelling, interviews, and comedy, exploring the unexpected journeys of its guests. It’s a fascinating and funny look at the paths people take in life. Find it on Spotify: Type “The Long Shot Podcast.”

8. We Might Be Drunk with Sam Morril and Mark Normand

Mark Normand and Sam Morril’s razor-sharp wit shines as they dissect society, share personal anecdotes, and keeps the laughs coming. Their podcast is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates clever NYC comedy. Found on YouTube.

9. Legion of Skanks

The “Legion of Skanks” podcast, hosted by New York’s best comedians Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith, is known for its no-holds-barred, irreverent humor. Often referred to as “the most offensive podcast on Earth,” it features the hosts and their guests discussing current events, personal anecdotes, and controversial topics with a comedic twist. The show’s raw, unfiltered style and edgy comedy have garnered a dedicated following, making it a standout in the podcasting world for those who appreciate comedy at its most audacious. Find on Apple, GaS Digital Network, Spotify and YouTube.

10. Dan Soder Podcast

Dan Soder’s comedic genius is on full display as he offers fresh takes on life’s absurdities. Mixing humor with heart, his podcast is both hilarious and thought-provoking.

11. Are You Garbage?

Kevin Ryan and H. Foley humorously investigate whether their guests, and sometimes listeners, are classy individuals or absolute garbage. It’s a fun, lighthearted podcast that’s sure to entertain.

12. Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla tackles the day’s hot topics, shares personal stories, and interviews celebrities with his trademark wit. His podcast is a great source of humor and insights.

13. In Godfrey We Trust Podcast

Godfrey combines intellect with humor, offering insightful commentary on social issues, pop culture, and everything in between. His podcast is perfect for those who like their comedy to make them think.

14. Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” is a cornerstone of the podcasting world, blending comedy, philosophy, sports, and a myriad of other topics into one of the most popular and influential podcasts available today. Rogan’s ability to engage with his guests, ranging from comedians and actors to scientists and CEOs, ensures that each episode is not only entertaining but also incredibly informative. Found exclusively on Spotify.

15. Real Ass Podcast

“The Real Ass Podcast,” hosted by comedian Luis J. Gomez, is a blend of humor, honesty, and rawness that captures the essence of comedy in its most unfiltered form. Known for his no-holds-barred approach, Gomez dives into discussions on current events, personal life, and the comedy industry, often accompanied by fellow comedians and guests. The podcast promises laughs, insights, and a real look at the world through the lens of a self-proclaimed “real ass dude,” making it a hit for listeners seeking humor with an edge. Find on Spotify, GaS Digital Network and YouTube.

16. Kill Tony

“Kill Tony” is a unique blend of podcast and live show, hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe, featuring a panel of guest comedians who critique and often hilariously interact with aspiring comedians performing one-minute stand-up sets. The show’s blend of raw talent, unpredictable moments, and comedic mentoring makes it a standout in the comedy podcast genre. Find it on Spotify: Just search “Kill Tony” for a front-row seat to one of the most innovative and entertaining comedy shows in podcasting.

17. The Rosanne Barr Podcast

Rosanne Barr brings her unmistakable voice and perspective to the podcasting world with “The Rosanne Barr Podcast.” Known for her groundbreaking comedy and controversial insights, Rosanne tackles a variety of topics with her signature wit and no-filter approach. Whether discussing current events, culture, or sharing personal stories, Rosanne’s podcast is a must-listen for fans of her decades-spanning career in comedy. Find it on Spotify: Searching “The Rosanne Barr Podcast” will bring you into the conversation with one of comedy’s most iconic figures.

18. The Tim Dillon Show

Tim Dillon offers his comedic genius in “The Tim Dillon Show,” where he takes on the absurdities of modern life, culture, and politics with a blend of satire, cynicism, and humor. Known for his provocative takes and storytelling prowess, Dillon’s podcast is both a critique of contemporary society and a hilarious escape from it. Find it on Spotify: Look up “The Tim Dillon Show” to experience Tim’s unapologetic and insightful comedy that has garnered a dedicated following.

19. William Montgomery Podcast

William, known for his unique style and wit, brings a fresh perspective to podcasting with his engaging stories, quirky observations, and hilarious interviews. Each episode promises a blend of laughter, insight, and entertainment, making it a must-listen for those who enjoy comedy that’s both smart and absurdly funny. Find on YouTube, Apple and Spotify.

20. Tom Green

Join Tom Green on his podcast journey where he explores the fascinating corners of life, culture, and the arts. Known for his groundbreaking work in comedy and television, Tom brings his iconic humor and insightful commentary to the podcast world. With a mix of interviews, personal anecdotes, and candid discussions, Tom’s podcast is a dynamic blend of entertainment and enlightenment. Listeners can expect a delightful mix of nostalgia and innovation, with Tom’s unique ability to connect with both guests and audience, shedding light on various topics with humor and intelligence. Find on Apple and Spotify.

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Podcast Trends and Innovations: How to Boost Podcast Audience Engagement

The podcasting industry has been experiencing exponential growth in recent years, becoming a powerful platform for content creators, advertisers, and audiences alike. With the increasing popularity of podcasts, the landscape is continually evolving, presenting exciting trends and innovations that can shape the future of audio advertising. As podcast networks and advertisers adapt to these changes, staying updated on the latest industry trends and embracing new technologies and ad formats are crucial for success in this dynamic space.

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Surge in Podcast Consumption

Podcast consumption has seen a remarkable surge, with more people incorporating podcasts into their daily routines. This growth is attributed to factors like ease of access through smartphones, a wide range of niche content, and on-demand listening flexibility. To capitalize on this trend, podcast ad networks must focus on refining targeting capabilities, ensuring that advertisers reach their desired audiences effectively.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Dynamic ad insertion (DAI) is one of the most significant innovations in podcast advertising. It allows for personalized, contextually relevant ads to be inserted into podcast episodes based on the listener’s location, interests, and behavior. This technology enables advertisers to serve fresh ads to listeners even when they revisit older podcast episodes. As DAI becomes more widely adopted, ad networks should invest in robust ad-serving platforms to maximize ad relevance and engagement.

Native and Host-Read Ads

Host-read ads have gained popularity due to their authenticity and ability to resonate with listeners. Unlike traditional ads, host-read ads are integrated into the podcast content, making them feel like a natural part of the conversation. Ad networks are increasingly working with podcast hosts and creators to craft seamless ad integrations, which can lead to higher listener retention and brand loyalty.

Programmatic Advertising

The rise of programmatic advertising has transformed the way ads are bought and sold across various digital platforms, and podcasts are no exception. Programmatic ad buying allows for automated, data-driven ad placements, enhancing efficiency and targeting precision. Ad networks should leverage programmatic technology to streamline ad campaigns and optimize their performance based on real-time data.

Branded Content and Sponsorships

Branded content and sponsorships offer an alternative approach to traditional advertising. Rather than interrupting the listening experience, advertisers collaborate with podcast creators to develop branded stories or segments that resonate with the audience. This approach provides a more immersive and engaging experience, fostering a deeper connection between the brand and the listeners.

Cross-Channel Promotion

As the podcasting industry matures, cross-channel promotion has become essential for expanding the listener base. Ad networks are exploring partnerships with social media influencers, YouTube creators, and other online platforms to promote podcasts and amplify advertising reach.

Enhanced Analytics and Measurement

Innovations in podcast analytics have become a game-changer for advertisers seeking transparent and measurable campaign results. Advanced analytics tools can provide valuable insights into listener demographics, engagement patterns, and conversion rates. Ad networks should prioritize data-driven decision-making to offer meaningful feedback to advertisers and optimize ad performance.

Voice Assistant Integration

With the growing adoption of voice-activated devices and virtual assistants, there is a unique opportunity for podcast ad networks to integrate their content seamlessly. By optimizing podcasts for voice search and partnering with voice platforms, advertisers can reach audiences in new and innovative ways.

Interactive Ad Formats

Interactive ad formats, such as polls, surveys, and interactive audio content, are gaining traction in the podcasting realm. These formats allow advertisers to create more engaging and interactive experiences for listeners, driving better brand recall and engagement.

Localization and Global Expansion

As podcasting transcends borders, there is a growing demand for localized content. Ad networks can capitalize on this trend by offering localization services to advertisers, enabling them to connect with audiences in different regions and cultures.

In conclusion, the podcasting industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, presenting exciting opportunities for podcast ad networks and advertisers. Staying updated on the latest industry trends and embracing new technologies and ad formats are essential for remaining competitive and delivering valuable experiences to both listeners and brands. By leveraging these innovations, podcast ad networks can shape the future of audio advertising and solidify their position in the ever-expanding podcast ecosystem.

How to Attract Advertisers for Your Podcast

host read ad 2 1

Podcasting has become an increasingly popular medium for content creators to engage with their audience and share valuable insights. However, to make your podcast financially sustainable and monetize your efforts, attracting advertisers is crucial.

1. Develop a Unique Value Proposition:

Creating a compelling value proposition is essential to differentiate your podcast from the competition. Advertisers seek shows that offer unique content and a dedicated audience. Identify your target niche, understand your listeners’ needs, and tailor your podcast to provide valuable insights, entertainment, or education. By highlighting your unique selling points, you will be more appealing to potential advertisers.

2. Build an Engaged Audience:

Advertisers are drawn to podcasts with a strong and engaged audience. Focus on growing your listenership by consistently producing high-quality episodes and promoting your podcast across various platforms. Leverage social media, email marketing, and collaborations with other podcasters or influencers in your niche to expand your reach. Engage with your audience by encouraging feedback, reviews, and interactions, as this demonstrates an active and dedicated listener base.

3. Define Your Target Audience:

Understanding your target audience is crucial for attracting advertisers who align with your podcast’s content and values. Create listener personas to identify their demographics, interests, and preferences. This information will enable you to approach advertisers that resonate with your audience, increasing the likelihood of successful partnerships. Advertisers are more likely to invest in podcasts that reach their target market.

4. Craft a Professional Podcast Pitch:

To attract advertisers, you need to present your podcast professionally and convincingly. Create a well-structured podcast pitch that showcases your show’s unique value, target audience, and engagement statistics. Include relevant metrics such as monthly downloads, listener demographics, and engagement rates. Demonstrate your expertise and passion for your podcast topic, as this will instill confidence in potential advertisers.

5. Research and Approach Relevant Advertisers:

Identify brands and companies that align with your podcast’s niche and target audience. Research potential advertisers and understand their products or services, values, and existing marketing strategies. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your pitch to their specific needs and demonstrate the value of advertising on your podcast. Reach out to them directly through email, social media, or networking events, highlighting the potential benefits of collaboration.

6. Offer Different Advertising Options:

Provide a range of advertising options to accommodate different budgets and objectives. This could include pre-roll or mid-roll ad spots, sponsored segments, branded content, or product mentions. Be transparent about your pricing structure and the benefits advertisers can expect from each option. Flexibility and customization will make your podcast more attractive to a wider range of advertisers.

7. Leverage Podcast Directories and Networks:

Listing your podcast on popular directories and networks can increase its visibility and attract advertisers. Platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts are widely used by advertisers and provide exposure to a larger audience. Joining podcast networks can also help you connect with potential advertisers and gain access to advertising opportunities or sponsorships.

Get in Touch With the Top Podcast Advertisers

Securing advertisers for your podcast requires a strategic approach and a well-defined value proposition. By building an engaged audience, defining your target market, crafting a professional pitch, researching relevant advertisers, offering diverse advertising options, and leveraging podcast directories and networks, you can increase your chances of attracting advertisers who resonate with your podcast’s content and target audience. Stay consistent, continually improve the quality of your podcast, and adapt your approach based on advertiser feedback to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Top 5 Political & Comedy Podcasts

In the world of politics, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the noise and divisiveness of the mainstream narrative. However, by tuning into political podcasts that offer alternative perspectives, listeners can gain fresh insights, challenge their own beliefs, and engage in long-form discussions. Explore the benefits of embracing alternative perspectives, the role of wit and humor, and the value of long-form discussions in shaping political understanding.

Best Political & Comedy Podcasts To Advertise On

1. “Part of the Problem” with Dave Smith

Part of the Problem with Dave Smith

Hosted by comedian Dave Smith, “Part of the Problem” offers a libertarian perspective on politics, economics, and philosophy. With a sharp wit and incisive analysis, Smith fearlessly challenges the status quo and explores the failures of centralized systems. By tuning into “Part of the Problem,” listeners are exposed to alternative viewpoints that question the role of government and advocate for individual liberty, all while enjoying Smith’s intelligent humor.

Benefits of Advertising on “Part of the Problem”

Advertisers place podcast ads on Dave Smith’s “Part of the Problem” show because Dave connects with his audience through social media and on the road events. “Part of the Problem” listeners are politically inclined individuals who appreciate Dave’s provocative and unconventional commentary, providing advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach a demographic interested in current events and political discourse.

2. “Your Welcome” with Michael Malice

Your Welcome podcast with Michael Malice

Michael Malice hosts “Your Welcome,” a politically charged podcast that encourages listeners to question prevailing narratives and embrace alternative perspectives. Malice’s unique blend of wit, intellect, and unapologetic commentary sparks engaging conversations with a diverse range of guests. By delving into geopolitics, culture, and current events, “Your Welcome” challenges conventional wisdom, expands horizons, and keeps listeners captivated with Malice’s quick-witted humor.

Benefits of Advertising on “Your Welcome”

Advertisers choose “Your Welcome” with Michael Malice because it offers a platform for intelligent and insightful conversations with a wide range of guests, allowing advertisers to reach an audience that values critical thinking, alternative perspectives, and engaging discussions on various topics, thereby fostering a favorable environment for their brand promotion.

3. “Run Your Mouth” with RobbieTheFire

run your mouth

Run Your Mouth,” hosted by RobbieTheFire Bernstein, offers a unique blend of wit, humor, and unfiltered political commentary. With a refreshing and unapologetic approach, Robbie fearlessly dissects political issues, culture, and society. By tuning into “Run Your Mouth,” listeners can expect sharp insights and a healthy dose of humor that makes the sometimes daunting world of politics more accessible and engaging.

Benefits of Advertising on “Run Your Mouth”

Companies advertise on Run Your Mouth with RobbieTheFire Bernstein because the show includes humor, social commentary, and interviews with influential guests, attracting an engaged audience of open-minded individuals. Robbie’s connection to his audience provides advertisers with a valuable opportunity to reach a diverse demographic interested in current affairs and alternative viewpoints.

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4. “Dumpster Fire”

“Dumpster Fire” is a politically charged podcast that brilliantly combines satire, humor, and critical analysis. Hosted by a team of sharp-witted commentators, this podcast dives deep into current events, highlighting the absurdities and contradictions within the political landscape. By infusing humor into their discussions, “Dumpster Fire” effectively breaks down complex issues and encourages listeners to approach politics with a critical eye and a laugh.

5. “The Joe Rogan Experience”

joe rogz

While not exclusively a political podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience” often features in-depth discussions on politics and social issues. With a conversational style that encourages guests to share their expertise and opinions, Rogan provides a platform for alternative voices. By listening to “The Joe Rogan Experience,” listeners can explore diverse perspectives, engage with thought-provoking conversations, and enjoy Rogan’s skill in infusing humor and wit into these discussions.

Why Alternative Political Podcast Audiences Are Growing 

Stimulating Critical Thinking:

Political podcasts that incorporate wit, humor, and alternative perspectives encourage listeners to think critically and question their own beliefs. The blend of entertainment and intellectual stimulation can challenge preconceived notions, leading to a deeper understanding of complex political issues.

Broadening Horizons:

Embracing alternative perspectives in a long-form style helps broaden intellectual horizons. By exposing oneself to diverse viewpoints, listeners gain a more comprehensive understanding of political landscapes, bridging gaps between factions, and fostering empathy and understanding.

Engaging with Difficult Topics:

Wit and humor can serve as powerful tools for engaging with difficult or controversial political topics. By injecting levity into the discussion, podcasts create an inviting and approachable atmosphere, encouraging listeners to explore sensitive issues that may otherwise be intimidating.

Breaking Echo Chambers:

Political podcasts that feature alternative perspectives play a crucial role in breaking echo chambers and counteracting confirmation bias. They provide a platform for exploring ideas outside one’s comfort zone, challenging listeners to critically examine their own biases and consider alternative viewpoints.

Fostering Constructive Dialogue:

The long-form format of these podcasts allows for more in-depth discussions and nuanced exploration of political issues. By fostering a respectful and open dialogue, wit and humor can contribute to a more inclusive and constructive political discourse, encouraging listeners to engage in civil discussions with those holding differing viewpoints.

Why Advertise on Political & Comedy Podcasts

By advertising on both political and comedy podcasts, brands can harness the best of both worlds, combining the impact of insightful discussions and comedic relief to reach a wide range of listeners and make a lasting impression.

Political podcasts that combine wit, humor, and alternative perspectives offer a valuable platform for advertisers to reach politically savvy individuals who are actively seeking out information and perspectives. These listeners are often intellectually curious and open to new ideas, making them receptive to brand messaging that aligns with their values.

What to consider when advertising on political podcasts

Who is their audience?

Look for shows that have a significant and engaged audience, preferably with a demographic and political interest that aligns with your target market. Look for listeners who are politically engaged, as they are more likely to respond positively to your ads. 


Consider the podcast’s reputation for delivering credible and insightful political content as well. Once you’ve chosen a podcast, think about the best type of ad to use

Type of Ads

Since political podcasts often focus on in-depth discussions and analysis, native or host-read ads tend to perform well. These types of ads can seamlessly integrate into the podcast’s content and resonate with listeners. 

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Monetizing Your Podcast: How Much to Charge for Podcast Ads?

If you’re a podcaster looking to monetize your show, you may be wondering how much to charge for advertising on your podcast and what a good CPM is.

How Much are Podcast Ads?

According to the IAB Podcast Advertising Revenue Report, the average CPM for podcast advertising in the US is $25. However, some podcasts charge as much as $100 CPM or more, while others charge as little as $5 CPM.

What is a good CPM for your podcast?

Calculating the CPM depends on many factors including: the type of ad, length of the ad, audience size and engagement, demographics and more. However, a CPM of $25 or higher is generally considered good. If your podcast has a niche audience or high engagement rates, you may be able to charge more.

How to Monetize Your Podcast?

Podcast Advertising

It’s important to note that you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to podcast advertising. There are several podcast advertising networks such as TheAdSide that can help you monetize your show. These networks connect you with advertisers and take a commission on the advertising revenue.

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Podcast Sponsorships

In addition to advertising, there are other ways to monetize your podcast, such as sponsorships, merchandise sales, and listener support. Sponsorships are similar to advertising, but they involve a deeper partnership between the sponsor and the podcaster. The sponsor may provide funding in exchange for the podcaster promoting their product or service over a longer period of time.

Merchandise Sales

Merchandise sales are another popular way to monetize a podcast. Podcasters can sell branded merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and stickers to their listeners. This can be a great way to build brand loyalty and generate additional revenue.

Lister Support (Crowdfunding)

Finally, listener support, such as crowdfunding or Patreon, can be a way for podcasters to monetize their show while also building a community around it. With listener support, listeners can donate money to the podcast in exchange for exclusive content or other perks.

In conclusion, podcast advertising can be a lucrative way to monetize your show. When determining how much to charge for advertising on your podcast, trust the experts at TheAdSide.

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Podcast Advertising FAQ’s & Benefits

If you’re a business owner or marketer considering podcast advertising, you likely have a lot of questions. We can help answer the common questions and benefits around podcast advertising.

How much do podcast ads cost?

The cost of a podcast ad can vary greatly depending on the size and popularity of the show, the length of the ad, and the type of ad. Some podcasts may charge a few hundred dollars for a 30-second pre-roll ad, while others may charge several thousand dollars for a mid-roll ad on a popular show. It’s essential to do your research and find shows that fit your budget while also reaching your target audience.

Does audience size matter for podcast ads?

While the size of a podcast’s audience is essential to consider when choosing where to advertise, it’s not the only factor to consider. Engagement rate is also crucial. A podcast with a smaller but highly engaged audience can be more effective than a show with a large but less engaged audience. High engagement means that listeners are more likely to pay attention to the ads and take action, resulting in a better return on investment (ROI) for the advertiser.

What is your average CPM?

CPM stands for cost per thousand, which is a metric used to measure the cost of reaching one thousand listeners. The average CPM for podcast ads can vary widely depending on the show and the ad’s length and placement. However, according to a report by Midroll, the average CPM for podcast ads ranges from $15 to $50, with an average of $25.

What is the benefit of podcast advertising/sponsorship?

Podcast advertising offers several benefits, including a highly engaged audience, the ability to target specific demographics, and the ability to create more personalized and creative ads. Podcast sponsorships also often include host-read ads, which can help build trust and credibility with listeners. Additionally, podcasts have a long shelf life, which means that ads can continue to reach new listeners long after they’ve been published.

How to measure ROI of a podcast ad campaign?

Measuring the ROI of a podcast ad campaign can be challenging, but it’s essential to track and analyze the results to make informed decisions in the future. Some metrics to track include website traffic, lead generation, and direct sales. It’s also essential to track the cost per acquisition (CPA) to ensure that the campaign is cost-effective.

Does TheAdSide help in building a podcast ad campaign strategy?

Yes, TheAdSide can help in building a podcast ad campaign strategy. They offer a range of services, including identifying target audiences, selecting the right shows to advertise on, creating effective ad copy, and tracking and analyzing results to optimize future campaigns.

Do you charge a commission fee?

TheAdSide does charge a commission fee for their services. However, the exact amount may vary depending on the specific services required and the size of the ad campaign. It’s essential to discuss pricing and commission fees upfront to avoid any surprises later on.

All in all, podcast advertising offers businesses an effective way to reach a captive and engaged audience. While the cost of podcast ads can vary widely, it’s essential to find shows that fit your budget while also reaching your target audience. Remember, engagement rate is just as important as audience size, so look for shows with a highly engaged audience for the best ROI.

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Podcast Ad Script Template & Examples

Podcasts have become a popular medium for advertisers to reach their target audience. According to a study by Edison Research, 75% of podcast listeners take action after hearing a podcast ad. However, creating an effective podcast ad script can be challenging. In this article, we will cover how to write a podcast ad script, the ideal length of a podcast ad script, the types of podcast ads, and provide some examples.

Stay Informed on Podcast Ad Best Practices

How to Write a Podcast Ad Script

When writing a podcast ad script, there are a few key elements you should include.

  1. First, make sure you introduce the advertiser and explain what they do. This can be done in a creative and engaging way that catches the listener’s attention.
  2. Second, explain why the advertiser’s product or service is unique and valuable to the listener. This could include features, benefits, or testimonials from satisfied customers.
  3. Third, provide a clear call-to-action, such as a discount code or website URL, that encourages the listener to take action.

Conversational Approach

Another important aspect of writing a podcast ad script is to make it sound natural and conversational. Listeners don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to, so it’s important to avoid sounding too promotional or pushy. Use language that sounds like a recommendation from a friend, and try to inject some personality into the ad.

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How Long Should a Podcast Ad Script Be?

The ideal length of a podcast ad script can vary depending on the podcast and the advertiser’s goals. Generally, podcast ads are around 30 seconds to two minutes long. Some podcast hosts will read longer ads, but this can be risky as listeners may tune out if the ad goes on for too long.

When writing a podcast ad script, it’s important to consider the host’s style and pacing. If the host speaks quickly and gets straight to the point, a shorter ad may be more effective. If the host has a more conversational style, a longer ad may be more appropriate.

Podcast Advertising Types and Delivery

There are a few different types of podcast ads that advertisers can choose from. The most common types are pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads.

Pre-roll ads are played at the beginning of the podcast episode, before the content starts. These ads are typically 15-30 seconds long and are a good option for advertisers who want to reach the entire audience.

Mid-roll ads are played in the middle of the podcast episode, typically after around 20-30 minutes of content. These ads can be longer, around 60 seconds, and are a good option for advertisers who want to engage listeners who are already invested in the content.

Post-roll ads are played at the end of the podcast episode, after the content has finished. These ads are typically shorter, around 15-30 seconds, and can be a good option for advertisers who want to reach listeners who have already listened to the entire episode.

Podcast Ad Examples

Here are some examples of effective podcast ads:

Casper: Casper is a mattress company that has run successful podcast ads on many different shows. Their ads are often conversational and feature the host talking about their own experience with the mattress. They also offer a discount code to encourage listeners to make a purchase.

Blue Apron: Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery service that has also run successful podcast ads. Their ads typically focus on the convenience and affordability of their service, and often offer a discount code for listeners to try it out.

ZipRecruiter: ZipRecruiter is a job posting and recruitment service that has used podcast ads to reach potential job candidates. Their ads often focus on the ease of using their platform to find a job or hire the right candidate.

How to Structure Your Podcast Ad Script

Formatting your podcast advertising script is just as important as the content you include in it. A well-formatted script can make your ad more engaging and easier to read for the podcast host. Here are some tips on how to format your podcast advertising script:

  • Use short paragraphs:

Break up your script into short paragraphs to make it easier to read and follow.

  • Use bullet points: 

Bullet points can help highlight important information and make it stand out.

  • Use bold or italicized text:

Using bold or italicized text can also help highlight important information and make it stand out.

  • Include a call-to-action: 

Make sure to include a clear call-to-action at the end of your script to encourage listeners to take action.

Podcast Ad Examples

Here are some examples of well-formatted podcast advertising scripts:

Example 1: This ad is for a mattress company.

Hi, this is [Podcast Host Name] from [Podcast Name]. Are you tired of tossing and turning all night on your old, uncomfortable mattress? If so, it’s time to upgrade to a [Brand Name] mattress. Our mattresses are made from high-quality materials and designed to provide you with the best night’s sleep possible. Plus, with our 100-night sleep trial, you can try it out risk-free. 

Visit [Brand Name Website] today to learn more and get started.

  • High-quality materials
  • Designed for the best night’s sleep
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Visit [Brand Name Website] today to learn more

Example 2: This ad is for a meal delivery service.

Hey there, it’s [Podcast Host Name] from [Podcast Name]. 

Are you tired of cooking the same meals every week? If so, it’s time to try [Brand Name] meal delivery service. Our meals are chef-crafted, healthy, and delivered straight to your door. Plus, with a variety of options for all dietary needs, there’s something for everyone. 

Visit [Brand Name Website] today and use code [Code] for [Discount Amount] off your first order.

  • Chef-crafted, healthy meals
  • Delivered straight to your door
  • Variety of options for all dietary needs
  • Visit [Brand Name Website] and use code [Code] for [Discount Amount] off your first order

Example 3: This ad is for a pet grooming service.

Hello, this is [Podcast Host Name] from [Podcast Name]. Are you tired of spending hours trying to groom your furry friend at home? If so, it’s time to try [Brand Name] pet grooming service. Our experienced groomers will pamper your pet and leave them looking and feeling their best. Plus, with mobile grooming services available, we’ll come to you. 

Visit [Brand Name Website] today and use code [Code] for [Discount Amount] off your first appointment.

  • Experienced groomers
  • Leave your pet looking and feeling their best
  • Mobile grooming services available
  • Visit [Brand Name Website] and use code [Code] for [Discount Amount] off your first appointment

In conclusion, formatting your podcast advertising script is just as important as the content you include in it. By using short paragraphs, bullet points, bold or italicized text, and a clear call-to-action, you can make your ad more engaging and easier to read for the podcast host. Use these tips and examples to create your own successful podcast advertising script.

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